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Default The week between Christmas and New Years...

Hey all... We'll be up the week between Christmas and New Years. The gilfriend and I have the whole week off so we'll be up Wednesday 12/26 and leaving Sunday 12/30. If the trails are ridable, it'll be St. Iggy for sure, if not...I'm driving until I find snow....I could be a Canadian ey? Let me know if any of you guys will be up there that week and we'll get some riding time in...

OH! Great story... really quick. I bought some plastic skis on Ebay. According to the description, one of the skis was broke and unusable, but the other was in decent shape. I won them for $35 shipped to the door... about 2 hours in the garage and a few trips to Ace hardware...that "Broken Ski" has a new set of bushings in it, with a brand new set of 10" woody's carbides... All said and done...upgraded from crappy ol' steel skis to plastic skis for less than $100...
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