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Default Electric Meters

Anyone else have a smart meter with cloverland and feel like they are being over charged? Past summers I averaged about 2 KWH/day and that's with a refrigerator plugged in. All winter I felt like I was getting overcharged and now it is saying I'm using around 5 kWh/day. I've unplugged the refrigerator and the only this that would be using electricity is an LED night light... even if I forgot and left a light on that would only account for 1.6 kWh. Just seeing if anyone else with a cabin is thinking they are having the same issue.
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Snow VP
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Default Re: Electric Meters

My only issue with the smart meters is when they originally installed it. My battery backup all started to freak out at irregular intervals. I started doing the research, and cloverland would never admit it, but then the smart meter called home, the backups would switch back and forth and freak out. The scary thing is how many times a day that damn thing called mama, like over a dozen, just during the daytime. The amount of info they are gathering on you is scary, well just like everything else I guess. Cloverland would never admit the problem, but could not resolve it either, so they actually said they would buy me new backups, then were bummed when they found out I have half a dozen of them

Sorry I can't be more help.
-- Neil
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Default Re: Electric Meters

Thanks for the info, yea I've heard that they can tell what is on in your home based on different energy factors. My next step is to flip the main on my way out next time. I don't really need anything to be on when I'm not up there in the summer, but I don't have that option in winter. Have to keep the bathrooms warm and the heat tracing running.
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