Maps Page

Maps Page

Here is a scan of a portion of the map available throughout the area at local merchants. This map actually covers the entire Eastern end of the UP, from Manistique to Drummond Island. For the cost of $5.00 per map you can have one mailed to you by the Chamber of Commerce. Their contact information is: 1 (800) 970-8717 or 1 (906) 643-8717 or E-mail

The Club’s VP, Neil Hill is a local surveyor. In the winter of 2005 he compiled a map of our entire trail system with GPS. This is the most accurate and up-to-date map of the Straits Area Snowmobile Club’s Trail system that is available anywhere.

The map is in a *pdf format. To download this map, please right click on the link, and choose “save target as…”

GPS Trail Map (uncompressed) GPS Trail Map (compressed ZIP format)

** Warning ** This is a HUGE 25 Meg file and will take approximately 8 minutes to download with a high speed internet connection, dial-up is not recommended.


FishWeb Trail Map – Central UP FishWeb Trail Map – Northeast LP

FishWeb Trail Map – Eastern UP FishWeb Trail Map – Northwest LP


  NOAA Snow Depth Map NOAA Snow Depth Map #2